Scheduling Conflicts; When Football Meets Food

What does it say about my life that so many wonderful things are happening at the very same times? I choose to look at from the "lucky girl, life is full" perspective as opposed to the alternative.

Check the schedule for Harvard's Science + Cooking lecture series - (you know the one EVERYONE in Boston but me attended last year? The one everyone loved?)

Nils Noren & Dave Arnold at the New York Culinary Experience, French Culinary Institute.


Kickoff of this year's Science & Cooking series was Tuesday with Dave Arnold (See Culinary Stars, Lucky Students, Master Recipes), Harold McGee and David Weitz of Harvard Applied Physics Prof. Then the rest of the events - everyone but the finale -  are ALL on Monday nights.

Monday, September 12 - Precision Cooking

Monday, September 19 - Many Faces of Chocolate


Monday October 3 features Grant Achatz who did an interesting interview on Fresh Air recently. Dan Barber is Monday, November 7, and David Chang is Monday, November 14.

Monday, September 26 - Exploring Thickeners....and on it goes right through to the final event on Sunday December 4 with Ferrán Adrià.

Read my thoughts on Ferrán Adrià and see if you agree with New Insights on the New Gastronomy Question where Epicurious Editor Tanya Steel who called my "lengthy musings" "a very persuasive and well written argument about why Ferran Adria should not be dismissed out of hand as some attention-getting fadster."

The whole of Football season. All I can say is thank the stars for YouTube and I'll see you on December 4!


Videos of past talks are available on iTunes and YouTube.

Saved again.