Saving Oysters to Save Ourselves - Tonight at Les Zygomates

LIttle Island Oysters  


From the pristine waters of Little Island in the Bagaduce River of Maine and the Scarborough River also in Maine, come two fine oysters you'll be invited to sample tonight.


Les Zygomates is hosting our Oyster Century Club© event which will feature a screening of Shellshocked: Saving Oysters to Save Ourselves - this 40 minute award-winning documentary covers the history of oysters rise and fall and the restoration work being done today.

We're also honored to have two local experts joining us to talk about the science of biomimicry and how it's being used to restore oyster beds and coastal areas. Our second guest will share what local Boston area oyster recovery projects are underway.


Powerful film, great guests, terrific oysters.


Please join us!