Salts Farm Visit with How2Heroes

The Leather District Gourmet Goes Farm to Table

So there's no pigs but see what else you can spot in the pictures below...Here is my video debut (well, at least on this website..) This was the hottest day of the year, sweat was literally soaking our clothes and we got screaming sunburns. With some nice work on the How2Heroes team's part, we come off looking okay, eh? Unfortunately I wasn't miked so, my audio kind of comes in and out but you can hear Gabe well and that's really the point here.

We later went to the flower farm and you can find that on the How2Heroes website, too. Please pop over and let the crew know what you think of their work.  What a fun day. After the video, scroll down to find photos from the day, including the visit with the edible flowers neighbor, Mindy Beltramo.

Here's Gabe making Crab Canneloni in the garden. Come to think of it crab is very sustainable, so maybe I'll link that up with the Teach a Man to Fish Roundup.