Go Here, Eat This: Russell House Tavern (and a send off for Jen!)

When people think of Russell House Tavern, they often think of charcuterie, meat, sausages, and pork. All these are rendered beautifully but don't overlook the expert kitchen offerings in other areas: Russell House Tavern

One of the things Chef Michael Scelfo and staff do so well is to source locally raised and grown foods, whether it's Brambly Farms pigs, or local herbs and fruit, you will have a sense of the place and the season on your plate at Russell House Tavern. The fish (above) was amazing, striper if memory serves. The salads were so artfully composed it called to mind the phrase "we eat first with our eyes" and we really did enjoy feasting on these beautiful dishes.

Russell House Tavern Tartare

Steak tartare can be like Russian Roulette if you talk to food safety experts, they'd probably advise against it. Here is an example of the benefits of local, sustainable meats. I would never eat steak tartar if it were food service beef. No accountability or traceability to safe, humane, clean slaughterhouses, no true food safety. In the hands of a thoughtful chef, I'm secure in the knowledge that my risk is well within limits I'm comfortable with.

As our friend Jen leaves us for the wilds of Milwaukee, becoming the publisher of Edible Milwaukee as she turns a tender 29 (is this a record?) - we will celebrate her incredible accomplishment and devotion to local sustainable foods and chefs like Michael Scelfo with a farewell dinner tonight. I don't relish the thought of saying good bye to her, but I'm glad to be celebrating her in such a perfect spot, and happy for the food-minded folks in Milwaukee.

Abundance of many things to look forward to tonight, and gratitude.