Ride the wave - Authentic Risotto Milanese - January 17 International Day of Italian Cuisines

Risotto Milanese as demonstrated by Chef Donato Desantis of the GVCI Virtual Group of Italian Chefs.

Do you rely on a recipe? Can you cook without them?

"Rice is born in water, dies in wine." This describes the transformation of rice into risotto. Of course, as Chef Desantis says in the video, Italians love a controversy. For every rule, there are five detractors with their evidence of the correctness of their own version. The authority on risotto actually has two cookbooks; one which claims to use no wine, no marrow; the other uses both.

Visit this great site - who knew the Italians love the trombone? - for information about chefs around the globe who are organized and on a mission to save us from "bogus Italian cuisine." (Apparently we have no chef crusaders in Boston.) The GVCI site is great fun and provides lots of useful information, recipes, videos. They are partnering with ICA to promote an International Day of Italian Cuisines (on January 17 they aim to produce one million bowls of authentic risotto Milanese around the world). The event in NYC will be kicking off the ICA's new term, promoting their unique program which includes total immersion in Italy after the complete foundational culinary and language skills here.

There will be a gathering and a demo of a representative group at the Italian Culinary Academy - the new sister school of the French Culinary Institute.

Before I'd really pulled these posts together I was on Chow.com and stumbled on Nach Waxman of Kitchen Arts & Letters. Chow has a great series called "Obsessives" and Waxman who makes his living selling cookbooks, laments their prominence. Pretty interesting stuff. So, I'd begun the post thinking of Italian Wedding Soup, national soup month, and whether or not we/I rely on recipes too much. I thought, I'll do a post on Italian Wedding Soup and make it the anti-recipe recipe.

Researching the ICA event, a couple of things clicked and I think it ended up being a nice juxtaposition of concepts.

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A tavola non si invecchia (You don't age while seated for a meal.) No secret why I love Italians - eh?