Red Wattles in Need of a Farm

I'm posting this email from a farmer in South Central Missouri in need of homes for Red Wattle hogs. These rare heritage breed pigs are registered or registerable with the ALBC. As I understand it, Tonya's husband was deployed to Afghanistan and she's unable to maintain the farm alone.  If you'd like a phone number, please contact me. Her email contact is below.

Here's a picture from our friends at Five Ponds farm of one of their Red Wattle piglets:

From Tonya:

I have 2 purebred sows almost 2 ys old.

I have 2 gilts, who are the piglets of my 2 sows.

Bloodline so you know is Little Ann reg number is 1671-R2, Sire of her is Virinda Farms Little Jess Reg. Number 1397.  Dam of her is Sally Girl Reg. Number 1538-R1. My other sow is Molly Marie Reg.number 1759. Sire of her is DW Reg Number 1378.  Dam of her is Virinda Farms Penny Reg. Number 1396 

My boar which is the sire of my 2 gilts his information is Wenglar Nichiol's Trouble Maker Reg. Number 1760-R2.  Sire of him is Wenglar Nichol's Trail Blazer Reg. Number 1531-R1.  Dam of him is Wenglar Nichol's Muddy Dove Reg. Number 1534-R1.  Trouble Maker  he is  yr and a half.

Also please note I have 5 little boy hogs who need a home from the 2 big sows I mentioned. 

I have also have 2 other boars who are about 7 months who could use a home. 

I have certificates on my 2 sows and 2 boars who were my breeding stock.  No certificates on the piglets as they are about 7 weeks old but they are registerable with the ALBC.  The other 7 month old boar is the son of Molly Marie and Troublemaker. 

I also have a half red wattles and half duroc sow, who may be pregnant now.  We had her for breeding meat hogs. 

I know the price on the piglets is 250.00 per one plus 30.00 vet check if leaving state of Missouri from what I understand.  I do not know the price my husband is asking for on the big sows or boars as Im waiting for a reply from him but he is deployed to Afghanistan and takes a little for his respond.

Im located In South Central Missouri.  If you have any other questions please email me at jessiecarr [at] centurytel [dot] net. I am moving next week so I need to Move them fast.
Thank you,
Tonya Carr