Raffle in Support of "New Era" for Japan

Thanks to all who've come out to support Japan at various fundraisers so far. Don't forget there are more happening over the coming weeks, and the Japanese people, many of whom still reside in shelters and school auditoriums, will need all our help. It's becoming clearer every day that the situation in Japan, both near the Fukushima Daiichi plant, in the "no go" area, as well as in all of Japan, is going to be quite dire for a long time to come. Remember to Remember Japan.

I've decided to rally some generous friends, and host a fundraiser here on my site. After considering many formats and options, I have settled on a raffle format. For ease of administration, and to keep awareness going about the state of affairs in Japan, I will host this over successive weeks. Each item will be featured independently. So far, we have wearable art, custom Japanese calligraphy, Award-winning author Elizabeth Andoh's cookbooks Kansha and Washoku, Saké pairings.

A New Era for Japan

I can think of no better way to kick off our raffle than to feature the beautiful "Irezumi" style customized New Era cap. This is absolutely one-of-a-kind wearable art, designed by a Japanese architecture student, Hiiro Tomita now attending Cal Poly SLO.

Hiiro Tomita was born in Japan. He began creating his custom wearable art back in 2008 and hopes to one day become successful enough to help defray costs of his education. He works in various styles including the traditional Japanese "Irezumi" art. Aficionados of ink will recognize the style of Japanese tattoos and indeed, Hiiro also designs those, one of which adorns Sasha Mallory who dances for Adam Lambert. His caps have graced the heads of customers worldwide. and you may have seen Sasha rocking her cap in her So you Think you Can Dance audition.
You can read interviews with Hiiro at New Era Cap Talk and view more of his custom work at his site Hiiro Tomita Studios.
I asked Hiiro about his inspiration for this cap. My inspiration for the design comes from traditional japanese art and japanese tattoos. The significance of the rising sun to the Japanese nation as well as the symbolic image of sakura leaves was incorporated to further define the Japanese culture and invoke the pride and honor within the country.


Spread the word, bid high, bid often. Many thanks to Hiiro for this gorgeous wearable art!


Mt Fuji is very symbolic and beloved to Japanese. Hat Size: 7 3/8.


Sakura, or cherry blossoms are as well as the rising sun. Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun.


Let's help Japan usher in a New Era by showing some support. Bid away!


Here's how the raffle works:

1. Minimum donation is $10.

2. You may donate more than once, gaining extra chances to win with each $10 increment. For example, if you'd like to donate $100 that gets you ten chances to win, $40 gets you four chances.

3. Payments will be made via Razoo, using the button below.

4. Anyone who posts on their own blog linking back to mine gets one additional "free" bid. Send me a link and I'll add your extra bid to the spreadsheet.

5. The contest for this item will run for one week only from: today through midnight EST Wednesday May 4.

6. The donations will go to: Doctors without Borders.

7. At the close of the week, I will use the random number generator to select the winning entry from the spreadsheet Razoo generates.


See Hiiro introduce the cap here on YouTube.