Pickling Season When you Can't Can

I don't want to discourage anyone from canning. Really, I'm a big fan. But there's only so much space around here and honestly, even IF i could store the canning equipment, I don't have pantry space to store anything I might can. But I do love pickles. Any kind. Sweet, hot, subtle, spicy. I love pickled vegetables of all sorts.

Fall has settled in, bringing longer shadows, weakening sun and cooler nights. The fire escape garden had to be retired for the repointing work to begin on the brick work out back. What to do with the assortment of peppers?

I put out a call on Twitter and got suggestions and chose to use Michael Symon's recipe. Maybe it was Donna's photo on Ruhlman's site, or maybe it was the addedum from a reader saying she'd used the brine to turn some hard-boiled eggs into picnic snacks.

I had an assortment of peppers.


Some of my jalapeños turned red!?


The brine recipe called for fresh marjoram sprigs, I subbed a good pinch of dried. Also, would have needed ~3/4 C sherry vinegar, subbed white wine vinegar. Coriander, peppercorns, cumin, bay leaf, garlic, salt, sugar. Pretty straightforward and deliciously fragrant as it simmered.


See the simmer? The surface just shakes. I love that my stove has two burners with a "true simmer" setting. Simmered for ten minutes.


Cooled it a bit, then poured it over the peppers. I love the Weck Jar. Had more peppers than I thought, so I used another glass storage container I had on hand.


And now the hard part ...


Now, we wait...