Pahty at the Pier with I Love Blue Sea & Red's Best

You love seafood. You love entrepreneurs. You love sustainable businesses doing the "green" thing or the "blue" thing. Ah-yup. Then, you gotta come check out the fishermen of Red's Best and the founder of I Love Blue Sea at tonight's event:

I love blue sea These guys rock!

"Pahty" at the Pier


WHO: Martin Reed, founder of i love blue seaCaptain Rocky Burns, second generation fisherman looking to disrupt the fishing industry, Jared Auerbach, founder of Red’s Best, many of your local, salty fisherman, and lots of other interesting folks.  You will hear MANY tales from years on the high seas - your own local deadliest catch cast!

WHAT: Launch of i love blue sea in Boston, connecting local fisherman directly with consumers.  Lots of amazing seafood and drinks will be served.

WHERE: Red’s Best Seafood, 13 Fish Pier, Boston, MA – come party in a real seafood plant!  It’s an opportunity few get to experience and it will be awesome.

WHEN: Thursday, August 23 from 6-9PM

WHY: Most people do not get an insiders view on what the lives of fishermen are really like, and get a chance to see how seafood is brought to the table. It’s a highly under-publicized industry with an interesting past and future.  Plus, you will get an awesome parting gift and meet some very cool people.

Corn and Scallop saute


Corn & Scallop Sauté

This is a favorite late summer, one-pot meal. It can be a delicious vegetarian meal or even better with scallops and bacon. I couldn't resist the scallops at the Dewey Square Farmers' Market sold by Red's Best. These scallops are not hand harvested but dredged which is not the best technique for the marine environment. Look for diver caught or farmed scallops for the best choice.


  • Four ears of corn, kernels cut from the cob.
  • One small onion, diced.
  • Bacon, optional cut into lardons.
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • herbs - basil, parsley, thyme
  • Scallops (could also substitute chicken or cooked wheatberries)


  1. Sauté bacon lardons until golden, almost done. Remove to a paper towel to drain.
  2. Sauté scallops in bacon fat, until deeply golden brown. Remove to plate.
  3. Sauté onion in bacon fat, add corn, tomatoes and herbs. Deglaze with white wine, vermouth or saké.
  4. As the vegetables begin to wilt slightly, add scallops, bacon lardons.
  5. Salt and pepper to taste, dinner is served!