Oyster Century Club with Some Very Special Guests

If you were thinking about joining us and decided against it, you might be kicking yourself about now. It was a stellar gathering of friends from near and far - many in town for the International Boston Seafood Show. The Oyster Century Club shared stories of oysters up and down the East coast and West, tales from the seafood show, and tips on pairing, tasting, and more. We had several friends from Sewansecott Oysters, Shooting Point Oyster Company, Martin Reed Captain of I Love Blue Sea and crew (Matt, Rocky & Danielle), consultant Emma McLaren, Justin of Northern Divine brought some fabulous caviar we tasted on some West coast oysters, and then, on our hands, of course. Duff Hu of Best Honour International Seafood (that's some fabulous geoduck!) was there, too.

We even had a world class shucker, author and publican in our midst: Patrick McMurray (aka Shucker Paddy) and his man from Ceili Cottage ("Kay-lee") it's Irish, and they've got a Yurt in Toronto. Not making it up.

Our hometown representation held up honorably by none other than the wonderful Patrick Maguire of jm curley and I'm your server, not your servant fame. Oyster Century Club & Caviar

Good craic as they say, eh?


Sounds Like Fun - How Do I get Some of That?

Now, if you're wondering what the heck the Oyster Century Club is, we're a group of hedonists tasting our way through a hundred varieties of oysters. We mark our efforts on our tasting sheets (get your very own here)  and we meet up occasionally at favorite oyster bars like Les Zygomates.

To host the Oyster Century Club's next Tweetup or if you want to sponsor our adventure and stake a claim in our hearts forever (and get on the radar of oyster lovers near and far) email me here. I'm also available to do an Oyster 101 class at your next team training or event.