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We're off to a great start with our tasting adventure, The Oyster Century Club. Join us as we mount a midden of shells toward our goal of tasting 100 varieties of oysters. Our membership is growing and the first ten members got autographed copies of Rowan Jacobsen's book, A Geography of Oysters. (Ruth, yours is coming!) I'm also working on two or three events (stay tuned) and our sponsor list is growing! Meanwhile, a handful of us met over dozens and dozens at Janis & Rich Tester's pig roast.


Oyster Century Club in da House

Oyster Century Club Member Posts:

Pig Roast and Oysters and a Lamb Recipe - on Janis Tester's hilarious BiteMeNewEngland blog.

And A Glimpse into My Culinary Week - in which Janis shares oysters as well as a conversation with Alton Brown.

Oysters on the Half Shell - on ChezUs.com


Two guest posts have appeared here so far:

The Art of Eating an Oyster, by Jon Rowley of Taylor Shellfish, an Oyster Century Club© sponsor.

Slurping Oysters, Sipping Sake by Rich Auffrey the Passionate Foodie and author of the Tipsy Sensei stories.


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