Oyster Century Club - Milestone Prizes

We are in full swing now with our beloved bi-valves coming into the season of their peak deliciousness. We certainly enjoyed plenty of oysters this summer, but every ostreaphile knows that oysters begin storing glycogen for their winter slumber. This means they are extra plump and sweet now and through the winter months.

I've added one or two new varieties to my tasting tally, how about you? I'm hovering right around 45 or so varieties tasted.

As this is a rolling marathon, new people joining all the time, I'm ever-vigilant for new ways to keep this enticing and fun. Stay tuned for coming announcements and new sponsors.

Today, we're announcing two very special prizes.

Half Century Milestone Prize

For one special member we have a fantastic and timely prize. A $50 gift certificate at Kitchenwares gourmet shop! What could be better as we enter the holidays? Newbury Street's premier culinary resource for home gourmets & professional chefs. Offering customers the kitchen tools & accessories for preparing great food & culinary experiences in their home or on the job.

KitchenWares by Blackstones • 215 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116 •  (857) 366 4237. Stop in and see them on the Newbury Street Stroll, Dec. 8th!

You can also follow KitchenWares on Twitter @Kitchenwares.




To Claim: If you have tasted 50 varieties, drop a comment here letting us know. Email me a photo of your tasting sheet. If more than one member has achieved this feat, I'll use the random number generator to select a winner.


Quarter Century Milestone Prize

I think we'll have a couple contenders here...

I'm also very excited to share this prize for one lucky member who's reached 25 varieties tasted.

You know I've been making mignonettes with my Katz vinegar and have loved these products for years.  Katz is my favorite source for truly artisanal vinegars. I first tasted their Gravenstein Apple Cider vinegar at the Slow Food conference in San Francisco years ago. One sip and I was hooked!

I used the Sparkling Wine vinegar just the other night in my mignonette for a half dozen Lucky Lime oysters from PEI. A bit of minced shallot, couple splashes of this elegant vinegar, sprinkle of sugar and grind of black pepper. Absolutely perfect mignonette! Others in my rotation now include:  Trio Red wine vinegar and Viognier Honey vinegar (perfect on roasted winter vegetables).

The gift box contains three of Katz' vinegars, personally selected by Albert Katz to complement oysters!

Katz Vinegars


To Claim:

If you've tasted 25 varieties or more, drop a comment and let us know! Email me a picture of your tasting sheet and you will be entered to win. If more than one member has achieved this feat, I'll use the random number generator to select a winner.

You can follow Katz and Co on Twitter @KatzFarm.


Warm thanks to our sponsors and good luck on your win!