Oregon's Salmon-Safe Wines and Amazing Terroir

As part of the annual International Association of Culinary Professionals' conference, I had the opportunity to tour a couple of local vineyards. In addition, there was much sampling throughout the week, including the Willamette Valley AVAs seminar, the Pork & Pinot side trip, and the Meat Revival butchery demo which also included a beautiful Oregon Pinot Noir.

Coming back to more travel, a chocolate contest judging gig for NARAL, and a massive migraine, I've been struggling to put together a few words with anything resembling intelligence. I'm now at the end of the ice-pick-in-the-head feeling and moving into the more comfortable, quiet thudding stage. O joy. It does mean that my word-retrieval has improved slightly. Now seeing this post in the NYT, On This Oregon Trail, Pioneers Embrace Organic Wine, I immediately sat upright in my dimly lit work area. Scooped! Perhaps the author was on the same tour with us, I don't know but this Brick House tour was lovely.