Ordering: One Mixed Grill: S/O/L/E Food Tuesday and Meatless Mondays

Okay so it's not really a mixed grill and perhaps that's exactly the wrong metaphor...but I couldn't come up with a vegetarian buffet sort of example...

You may have noticed, I've been intermittent with the S/O/L/E Food Tuesday posts. I had been hoping to have more audience participation in this new feature (hint, hint). I'm still hoping you'll share favorite meat-free, sustainable, organic, local, ethically raised meals. I'll keep bringing them to you, too.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few new resources with you. 

A Mighty Appetite and a little Table Talk

Kim O'Donnel writes "A Mighty Appetite" a daily food blog for the Washington Post and hosts Table Talk at the new Culinate.com The Mighty Appetite (don't you just love the title?) is clever and timely (like today's NECCO contest see here: Wanted: Your Candy-Coated Sweet Nothings.) I 

If you have a look at her last post on Culinate - you'll see the transcript from the guided discussion includes many more links to recipes and resources. It's really rich. Rather than a free-for-all chat, Kim hosts and edits real time streaming info so that on the whole, we get more useful content. It's an easy interface and a very good group of participants makes for interesting questions, good quality recipe and link sharing. I can't say enough about it. If you can't join live then you can always go back to the page later to see an entire transcript. I'm telling you, you don't get this much info on some sites that require paid subscriptions. Check it out - Kim O'Donnel's Table Talk at Culinate.com!


This is a field of artichokes I shot in Moss Landing about a year ago.