Open Sky and Scales

Baking again

For baking especially, scales are really said to be invaluable. Sadly, I would be able to tell you...


When I wrote Weighing In on Kitchen Scales I was just gearing up for another dive into the world of baking. Just today I saw this post on Ruhlman today: Your Kitchen Needs a Scale. Yes, Michael, Yes it does.

Learned about Open Sky on Michael's blog. I have entered the contest to get the scale he uses and recommends for $1.99! Because I really want to win and am a little cranky, I'm not giving a link to that contest here. You'll just have to follow the breadrcrumbs...

What do you have to say about Open Sky?

Anyone have an experience with Open Sky they'd care to share? I like the concept and have applied to be a shopkeeper. Curious to know about what I think is a fairly new thing, I like their values and they really aim for transparency and authenticity it seems.

No-Knead Sourdough on the rise. This is going to go into the oven in a couple of hours, a cold oven set to 450 degrees. If it fails, I'm going to blame it on the lack of a proper scale.