Onigiri, Omusubi and a sometimes good Hapa

This article (thanks Rf Koda!) inspired me to create a new Pinterest board. Good Hapa/Bad Hapa which is a phrase I've been kicking around a while. Hapa is a term for half Japanese and used to be derogatory. Now hapas (of many Asian stripes) have relcaimed it as a positive. In my own life, many times I hear an internal voice scolding me for being unJapanese in some small way. Food is one of the best ways in to a culture. I'll collect some things there.

Rice Balls

Onigiri and Omusubi ("O" is feminine honorific, many drop it. In the past, one could tell when a service man learned his Japanese from a woman during the war if he used the feminine expressions of words. In Japan, men do not use these prefixes.)

So "onigiri or omusubi" are two regional words for the same thing: rice balls. Usually, but not always covered in nori. Unilke sushi rice, it is not vinegared rice but just salted. Inside is a filling of some sort, usually pickled or preserved plum or vegetables or some simmered or stewed fish.

So ends our Good Hapa/Bad Hapa lesson for the day. *bows*Final Onigiri collage

Check out this excellent article Around Japan in 47 RiceBalls. Thanks to Rf Koda for flagging this article for me. Her family grows the most excellent Japanese heirloom varietal rices. Check them out - Koda Farms!

* Tea Do in Chinatown makes great onigiri to order! Delicious treat.