News to Amuse - The Cocktail Hour brings you a great podcast

If you already know about podcasts: here you go: The Dinner Party Download.

If you don't know: podcasts are recorded radio shows you can listen to for free whenever you want, instead of being tied to when the show originally airs. Many are free.

This one, Dinner Party Download should be on everyone's list! Two groovy guys on Southern California Public Radio (I know, who knew?) doing a show that has three of our favorite things:

  1. Guests like Eddie Gehman Kohan - rocking food writer, so cool she is a featured guest on this radio show, quoted in the New York Times on her ObamaFoodarama blog. Smart, funny, snarky and very generous. What's not to like? I am enjoying my motherlode of Meyer Lemons courtesy of the Ho's in Cali (that's really their name) and fretting that I won't quite use them all up in time. I send out a call for help and who comes through with recipes? Eddie, of course. I'll keep you posted on those! Eddie and her sisters AKA the Haphazard Gourmet Girls provided this lovely recipe for TAMTF: Hempalicious Halibut.
  2. Cocktails - recipes each show and clinking glasses that send me straight for the shaker!
  3. Jokes and witty repartee which listeners are encourage to coopt as their own. They even have Tom Jones' penguin joke along with a YouTube link to the Welsh swinger singing "It's not Unsual." (Check the pelvic thrust action, not just his fingers snapping!)