New Year, New Places, New Things to Try

Start 2012 with a child-like curiosity. Why not? What can it hurt? Ever read Dr. Seuss' Oh the Places You'll Go? Now's a good time to start.

Maybe you'll find something new and fun like Pandora which is now the soundtrack to much of my writing. Maybe you'll discover a new Saké from Shizuoka, that you love.

Perhaps you'll find a clever new tech tip that will make you and your product or website easier and more fun to find.


Meet Kimtag:


If you have a scanning app on your smart phone then please scan. I like i-nigma.

If you don't, you can click on that code above and go right to my Kimtag: page. There you'll see links to my website (set to land on my Clips page) and my blog (set to land on my wrap of the TECHmunch conference post) and my Facebook, Twitter URLS to.

I'll be updating this post when the next piece comes out.

The point is this, it's free, it's easy to use - heck, I figured it out - why not try it out?

It can drive folks to your choice of connections. Do you want them (be they editors, employers, dates, customers, family or friends) to find you easily? Of course you do!