New Love and a Heart Full of Love

I have a new love.

It’s one of those crazy things that make the whole world seem shiny and new.

He leaves the room and you’re anxious. Will he return? He comes back and you can’t help but smile.

He’s a little unpredictable, but not dangerous. Not really.

He doesn’t even mind that I saw his brother first. Phew. We all know how awkward those moments can be.

But it’s not like I’m sloppy seconds you know. Not at all. At least he doesn’t let on if he has any doubts. He has a silly grin plastered on his face -  all the time. And I don’t even mind.

I really want him to stick around. I want this to work. But I’m just not sure we travel in the same circles.

And he travels in SOME circles, let me tell you.