New in the Rotation - Polenta

We got word of the second-to-last Winter Farmers' Market at Russell's Garden Center in Wayland (AKA Way-far-away-Wayland). We decided to add it to our list of Saturday stops. I've been itching to get a terrarium set up since I picked up Sunset Magazine (January 2010) in the airport last California trip. (See page 40) I love Sunset and pick it up every time we're out West.

We arrived at Russell's and were greeted with this cute piggy:


Guess who was there? Linsey makes wonderful treats that happen to be gluten-free - check them out!

That's Linsey (AKA Lula or AKA @CakeandCommerce on Twitter) and I'm kicking myself that I forgot to circle back for some goodies! Next week Linsey!

Others at the market included Springdell Farm ("Since 1931") who raise a Duroc-Hampshire cross and Red Fire Farm who had wonderful organic greens, including Claytonia which is completely new to me. Claytonia is sometimes called Winter Purslane, though it's not in the Portulaca family. Claytonia (AKA Miner's Lettuce) is a winter green that despite its very delicate feel and flavor is quite hardy. It was foraged by miners seeking to avoid scurvy and is rich in Vitamin C.

Here's the Polenta we picked up from Winter Moon Farm. We may never have had Polenta in our married lives. I love it but it always elicited an "enh" from Doc. To my surprise he picked this up while I was off scouting terrarium plants. Our friend Linda was off scouting and sampling.

As you can see, this heirloom polenta was very coarsley ground. I was hopeful that the chunky texture would win Doc over. I started it with three cups of cold water and one cup of organic, low sodium chicken broth, a glug of olive oil and a good pinch of sea salt.

This was one of three terrariums (terraria?) I put together when we got home. Here's all three.


And here's dinner: Winter Moon Farm's Organic Heirloom Polenta, sauté of chicken, porcini, onions, Claytonia leaves.

It was a great day, all in all and now we have a new "grain" in the rotation.