My eye on the sparrows

I'm not a religious person but that old song about 'his eye on the sparrow' came to me watching these delightful birds this morning. In the original (and the Barretta theme song version) I think the tune is meant to encourage us to leave our cares behind because Jesus is watching over us, keeping his eye on us (the sparrow). I prefer to think of each of us as each others' keepers. Watching out for our loved ones, for those in need, and even for the animals that pass through our lives.

I found some hominy in the pantry that had gone stale due to a hole in the bag (no critters in there, just a crack in the old cellophane wrapper, which I dismissed and threw into a mason jar.) Rather than waste it, I ground it in the spice grinder and added a little millet or amaranth, today I added sesame seeds.


To my delight, these little guys are loving it. I got to see a mother feeding a hungry baby several times. A gift! I hid behind a bookcase and those peaches ripening nicely, and was still. For a moment, I could forget about the cancelled client, the need of an intern, the age of the cat, whether the knees and rain would let me run today... I just watched, and loved it. (Forgive the windows, these are old old old and unable to be cleaned in between the panes.)

Please do note the marigolds. Fried and dried out on the Lowe's $1 rack. They've blossomed and are doing quite nicely, thank you. Those prayer flags got re-strung, pressed, re-hung.. Hopefully those wind-horses will continue to carry my wishes for fortune out into the universe.

And now, for that run.