More on Breakfast and Me on Chronicle

Breakfast in Boston was the theme for this show. I'm delighted to share this clip from my segment on Chronicle. The subject is breakfast and they covered a lot of ground - I can't wait to try some of the other spots they covered.

In my segments we got to visit Henrietta's Table and Caffe Nuovo (Carbonara for breakfast? My husband is SO down for this!) Here's my first post on the show, Breakfast Club with some additional links.

This is just a screen shot of Chef Davis and I. Click here to see the video of my segment.


Need other ideas for breakfast?

Here are some from my go-to-guy MC Slim Jb - Boston's beloved barfly and food critic.


  • Out of the way, for discreet meetings: Mike & Patty's in Bay Village (I love Mike & Patty's for the Peameal bacon, among other things)
  • Dot2Dot Cafe in Dorchester (click for Slim's review) - brunch 7 days/wk including amazing grilled fish breakfast and "astonishing brioche French Toast" (British chef/owner bakes her own bread)
  • Blunch - cafe near the Boston Medical Center. See Slim's post here.

Slim's got real chops when it comes to Eastie and other neighborhoods for traditional foods from other places, like Mexico, Guatemala, or Vietnam.

  • Restaurante Montecristo (Eastie), which does a very nice Salvadoran/Guatemalan breakfast;
  • Angela's Cafe (Eastie), Mexican; (I found this place on Slim's recommendation and it was fantastic)
  • Pho Pasteur (Chinatown - Vietnamese) Phô is much more commonly eaten as breakfast or lunch fare than for dinner in Vietnam.
Where would I go for breakfast:
  • Power breakfast or high-end: Probably the Fairmont Battery Wharf or the Mandarin Oriental.
  • Dim sum: Hei La Moon. Hands down.
  • If dairy allergy were not an issue: Flour Bakery + Café.
  • I've been told to get on a water taxi and head to Scups but haven't followed orders yet.
What I like to eat at home? Mostly, savory leftovers, or my new favorite DIY Granola (hint of chocolate) - yogurt (homemade Greek-style is great).
Okay, now get out there and dive into breakfast!