More Love for the Farm to Table Movement - 8 Farmers to Know

For some time now I've been making the case that farmers will be our next food celebrities. Maybe this whole section in Epicurious validates what I've been saying. Farmers Making a Difference by Louise McReady profiles eight farmers that comprise a good overview of the farmers we're eager to know more about. Covering the new agrarian movement the profiles include well known like Mas Masumoto and less well known (at least to me) like the post-9/11 new farmer who grew up on canned veg.

My mother belongs to a small congregation in Annapolis MD where their priest recently left, called to the land. Taking up farming. 

Extra: Seasonality charts, how to instructions for windowsill gardens, as well as farm to table restaurants are all linked here. 

Perfect timing for the release and book signing of Lisa M. Hamilton's Deeply Rooted (see here).