Meditation for Monday

My meditation for this week: based on some truly shitty news and events bombarding us all weekend...I felt compelled to focus for a few moments. Maybe this will help you.

May we never get prostate cancer;
if we do, may we never have to rely on a VA hospital that messes up 90% of their operations. Then covers it up, and gets away with it.
May we ask those whom we elected why the men and women who served this country get some of the worst healthcare upon returning home.

May we learn to love the occasional critter in our food that we can see,
and appreciate them over the ones we can’t see but can feel, like e.coli.

May cookies become a homemade treat again,
not a Trojan horse of deadly CAFO cow bacteria.

May we enjoy fish whose journey to our plate did not entail poisoning the environment or killing other species, and
May that fish not contain mercury or PCBs.

May we realize that no matter how hard our day is,
it’s even harder for that guy in the alley getting hassled by someone only he can see.
And may we find compassion for him (the guy, not his tormentor).

May we AND THEY not forget that the suffering of others does matter, and

May others know that we do care, even if we’re tweeting about food, instead of tear gas.

May we enjoy the cow, pig or chicken, that gave its life for our dinner and know that it didn’t suffer unduly for our meal.
May we enjoy a meat-free meal, and know that no poor migrant workers were enslaved and abused to ensure our cheap and healthy dinner.

May we take time to thank those who have helped us in small or large ways,
even if they didn’t know it.

May we find strength to let go of things that don’t really matter,
once our ego is put in its place.
Over there.

May we find the stories of impossible courage and strength like the homeless girl finding her way to Harvard.
May we ask the questions of ourselves and others such as: what are we doing for her peers not blessed with her uncommon drive and luck, but just as eager and deserving?

May we find occasions to laugh at ourselves if the world doesn’t provide another opportunity.

May we be kind to little ones, two and four-legged kinds, who didn’t ask to be here, after all, and who only want to give us unconditional love.
May we learn from them to give it back. It is the least and the most we can do.

May we find a good meal, of healthy food, in a safe place, with a good friend and some laughs.

May we find the strength to ensure others enjoy these simple gifts, too.