LDNA Meeting - Notes and News

Hadn't expected to give an update (Thanks Chris!) or I swear I would have zhuzhed up a bit...really, doesn't a girl get a chance these days?

I would have gone all Drew Barrymore at the "Globes" fest - you know the Taylor-esque windswept glamour or something...

Anyway, about those fruits and veg.

Here's what I very inarticulately tried to sputter on about this evening...Good news on two fronts: One: we get the Dewey Square Market back! Woo hoo! Let's all make a commitment to making it worth the farmers' time to come to our little neck of the woods (And speaking of woods, Hyde Park is "the city of Boston?" Really? Not!) We should all let the BPMA know (that's Boston Public Marketing Association) that we are thrilled for their support and also any preferences re: days.

Two: the permanent public market is a couple of steps closer to reality. Don Wiest will also be attending a future meeting of the LDNA. He is the Board Chair of the BPMA. He'll be able to update us on the progress toward a permanent year-round market like the wonderful Pike Place in Seattle. Talk about making a city "liveable".

It's time to start thinking about CSA shares for the summer if you're interested. Some shares sell out. Siena Farms offers a couple of options but it's not clear whether they are returning to Dewey Square or not. Currently, their website lists only Copley. 

Here's the Federation of Mass. Farmers Markets website. It doesn't have the new info yet. Here is a post from our neighbor's blog: Little Impact which shows the empty Dewey Square.(sad) And here's a picture of when it's in action from the Boston Public Market website.


Other neighborhood news:

On other fronts, Chris will be posting updates and next steps I'm sure, over at the LDNA Blog. 

In addition to that aesthetically lovely "Thai Massage Parlor" (think straight outta central casting: seedy brothel).... we have the new Trattoria Andiamo. Our beloved Boston Deli Deluxe is still there for lunch. But now we can have Fusilli alla Bolognese with a glass of wine for dinner, in the same spot!

I'll try to get over there for a full report soon. I'll have to use my Drew Barrymore cover so they don't recognize me and ply me with extra wine or something. Darn it all if that blonde wig hasn't gone missing...