LDG Japan Fundraiser - Week One - Custom New Era Cap

“Even dust amassed will grow into a mountain.”

As we see the news from Japan begin to dwindle in its frequency, we will be tempted to forget. I've urged readers to Remember to Remember Japan for she will need our help, our attention, our support for years to come.

During the Bakesale for Japan, I was curious. A Bakesale? Really? How much could a bakesale raise I wondered?

It turns out quite a lot. With over three dozen cities participating, the effort raised a whopping $124,120.38!


Inspired by that and wanting to carry on the remembering and the supporting of my homeland...I thought I'd hold my own fundraiser here. This will be a multi-week event. In order to make this as egalitarian and accessible, we're going to allow "bids" in the following manner:

1. Each bid will be entered by adding a comment

2. Multiple bids are acceptable.

3. After the week of bidding,