Kitchen Confidence: Tip of the Week - Tomatoes

Tomatoes are so perfect right now - how can you walk past a farmers' market and not come home with a bunch?  

heirloom tomatoes


This week I polled fellow tomato lovers and promised to share a non-scientifically selected batch of top tips and recipes using this seasonal fruit. I got some very good advice, tips, and a couple interesting links.

My top picks:

  1. Storing:Do not place them in the refrigerator! This absolutely kills the flavor. Thanks Kurt!
  2. Freezing: Plum tomatoes are great for freezing whole. Get just-picked flavor even in the dead of winter. Chef Debbi shared this with me last year.
  3. Roasting: Plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes can be slowly roasted in a 250 degree oven, rimmed sheet pan, few glugs of oil, some herbs if you like and some garlic cloves strewn about.
  4. Scraping: Freeze into a dessert or palate-cleanser. Make granita, or this really cool sorbet. Thanks Jane!
  5. Straining: Tomato water. Chop a bunch of tomatoes and place in a cheesecloth-lined sieve over a bowl. Let it rest overnight. By morning, you'll have clear, deeply tomato-y water. Use in cocktails, in aspic.

plum tomatoes