Kitchen Confidence Tip: Lobster Salad and How to be a Lobster Killer

If you're making lobster rolls at home you can start with shelled lobster meat or steam your own. Here's a beautiful lobster salad you can enjoy in a top split bun: Lobster plate


or on a bed of greens:

Lobster Salad




To humanely kill a live lobster, place the lobster in the freezer for about 15 minutes. This will push the lobster into a state of hibernation (they're cold-blooded creatures) so you can handle the comatose crustacean safely and dispatch it quickly.

Next take your dinner-to-be and place it on its back on a firmly anchored cutting board. With a large chef's knife, slice from the bottom set of legs through the head. Then you can easily steam, boil as is or continue to halve it then pan roast for other preparations.