Just Released: CLINK.'s Summer Menu

Did you know The Liberty Hotel hosts Gallery Tuesdays? Me either! But what a great idea. You get to browse art (either a single artist or a single gallery, it alternates), sample wines, and mingle with friends old and new in the airy hotel lobby.

I sat at a table nearest CLINK.'s host stand to chat with Katie when I arrived a bit early for the media dinner. Champagne with St. Germain and Kathryn Archambault  - a dose of double-bubble opened the evening as I glanced across the lobby at the crowd sipping drinks and perusing the impromptu gallery.


Shortly, a lively foodie crowd assembled and we were led into CLINK. for a media preview of the summer menu.

You had me at Foie

As friends and family know, when you start me with foie, I'm a happy girl. Fun company at our end of the table, too. I always love it when my dining companions have (a) the patience to let me shoot your dish before you eat, and (b) the graciousness to smile as I dig in first to sample your dish. See, I'm not soo hard please.

This was the most gorgeous little cup of green goodness....Green Garlic soup with Crawfish. Silky smooth and just enough of the garlicky flavor.


Kingfish sashimi over braised baby fennel with Wild Fennel Pollen and Lobster Butter Powder.

This was one delicious slurp.

More than one glass, as yet unfinished, rare sighting indeed. To the far right was a South African Sauvignon Blanc that is the first wine I've had that has a green bell pepper note in the nose. I've heard of it, tasted hints of it, but this was maybe the first thing that hit me when I swirled and sniffed. Surprisingly, it wasn't unpleasant to drink as there were also some citrusy notes and nice crisp acid. Still, I don't think it would be my first choice for Sauvignon Blanc.

This was a lovely burrata dish. Chef Margate loves delicious burrata and a knack for pairing it with unexpected things. His winter menu saw it paired with apples, balsamic, and celery and here with Pea Tendrils and a hint of controne pepper which carries a hint of smokiness and hint of heat.

Tender Braised Goat with Green Chick Peas, Garlic Chives and potato gnocchi. This was the most ethereal, loveliest goat I have ever tasted. So often goat is curried, or jerked, roasted or grilled, all fine preparations and I have no issue with them. But this dish has spoiled me for all others. Must. Get. Recipe. (stay tuned) Really fine plate. A revelation.

This was meltingly tender seabass thanks to the magic of sous vide. A light and beautiful dish with a smokiness that plays well with the sorrel from Eva's Garden. Artichokes and tender Fingerlings give the dish some ballast, though very light ballast. You could enjoy this on the hottest night of summer with pleasure.

This strawberry sundae actually held its own against the burnt caramel sundae and the creamy goat cheese ice cream and fig sundae. That's saying something.