Just in Time for Summer - BBQ Bonanza

As the number of books in the "To Be Reviewed" pile grows and grows, I decided to get creative. How could I speed up my way through the pile? I'm always looking for ways to engage more readers and build relationships with other bloggers. Then it hit me.

I could host a virtual BBQ on my blog!

(photo by ChezUS.com)

Over the next several weeks, I'll host guest posts here, reviewing several BBQ books I've received. My guests will share a recipe and review the book. I'm firing up the grill and looking forward to what we'll share!

To whet our appetites here are some things I've grilled in the past:

Do you remember the lovely Korean Grilled Kalbi?

And the book Steaks from Cooking the Cowboy Way that was given away in a past blog contest.


In Grilled Romaine, Radicchio, and Fennel I shared how positively fantastic grilling vegetables can be.


Our BBQ Bonanza Guest Posters:

Cyndi Allison - Cyndi writes a blog and hosts a website Yes You Can Grill. Take a look at her blog Barbecue Master post using Himalayan Pink Salt from The Meadow. Cyndi shows how beautifully this hand cut salt block conducts heat.

That's our "man" at the Weber - Cyndi through a tire swing. Sweet!

I had a chance to dine with Mark Bitterman, international artisan salt expert and author of the upcoming book Salted: a Manifesto on the World's Most Essential Mineral, with Recipes (Ten Speed Press 2010) and Jennifer Bitterman, founder of The Meadow, who teamed up with Kevin King, Master Brewer at Amnesia Brewing and award-winning authors Andrew Schloss and David Joachim. The crew that night prepared a once-in-a-lifetime demo and dinner on 500-million-year-old Himalayan salt.

Cyndi's already tried her salt block. Mine's still in the drawer!


Denise Woodward of ChezUs.com - Denise and Lenny are the fun-loving couple who comprise ChezUs.com I've gotten to know them through foodblogging and other social media, as well as when they visited Boston last year. They agreed to participate and we're lucky to have them since they were among my friends who attended the Kingsford Charcoal "University" Just feast your eyes on this post and this lovely Mushroom-Crusted Beef Tenderloin recipe.

Vivian Boroff of Island Dreaming in Oklahoma - Vivian is one of those people you meet on line and their sincerity somehow comes through, over cyberspace. We've never met but I'm sure I will some day. We share a love for heritage pigs, Askinosie Chocolate (which she introduced me to) and she's a regular in our #TrueFood Chats. In fact, try out her delicious-sounding smoked chicken fried rice. Fried rice is the perfect way to reduce food waste - just be careful you don't take it to extremes like a certain mother-in-law who's been known to toss in anything including cranberries and green olives...

Sharon Miro - writes the Nickelmoon blog. To read about her travels, her reflections on cooking, is a joy. I just know we're going to enjoy her review of a BBQ book. Thoughtful well crafted story-telling and a curious mind are the the center of her writing. I can't wait to see what she does with the BBQ thang. (I'll bet she never uses words like "bonanza" or "thang" yet she was the first to sign on!)


Tonight I'm grilling the first of the season Copper River Wild Alaskan King Salmon! Stay tuned...Maybe I'll do some grilling from BBQ 25 first up in the BBQ Bonanza!