Indispensible Kitchen Tools for Thanksgiving Prep

Despite what every email and newsletter will tell you this time of year, you don't really have to buy a whole bunch of new gadgets and gizmos to make a good Thanksgiving meal. What you may already have, and how it helps:

1. A tea infuser, like this one, doubles as a shaker to sprinkle flour on the counter or confectioner's sugar on desserts.

2. A melon baller - makes coring apples a breeze.

3. A grapefruit knife scoops seeds and membranes from squash.

4. A good Oxo vegetable peeler can even handle squash peels. It will give you nice zest from citrus without pith, and it will shave cloves of garlic for some lovely side dishes.

5. Zip top bags and sharpie pens. Make ahead and freeze is great but don't forget to label what's what. teaball trick

My Tea Ball Flour-er also works well to dust confectioner's sugar or cocoa.

What you should get:

1. A scale. Once you cook with one, you'll be amazed at how much easier it makes baking. Scoop everything into one bowl instead of dirtying measuring cups and spoons, multiple bowls. Who needs more dishes now?


What you can do without:

1. A baster. Really, all basting does is lower the temperature and lengthen the cooking time. Rub your turkey with your Thanksgiving spice rub and some butter, soy butter or oil, and you can co without basting.

2. Injectors. Ick. Brining will do much more for the overall juiciness than going all Nip/Tuck on your bird.


And, one or two crazy gadgets I love:

1. The roasting wand. This allows you to safely roast a stuffed bird. The metal tube is inserted through the stuffed cavity and circulates hot air through the stuffing to safely roast it while achieving the proper internal temp.

2. The sugar bear. These little terra cotta bears get soaked in water then placed in your bag of brown sugar, keeping it moist. No more whacking a brick of brown sugar to measure it.