IACP Sessions Sold Out - Lucky Me

Wednesday at IACP Portland, the first session I tried to sign up for was a sold-out digital photography course taught by the ever-charming Matt Armendariz see MattBites.com.

Standing in line for potential no-shows, I glanced at the name tag of the woman standing next to me. The unfailingly polite and generous Cindy Mushet signed a book plate for me and let on that she was hoping to get in, too.

The key to success with my new camera? RTM according to Matt.
R Read
T The
M Manual

Really? Now the question is do I want to learn badly enough to overcome my loathing of reading manuals. Is there a stronger word than loathing? I couldn’t protest too much as friend and editor, Lia Huber sat next to me (she who corrects, augments or supplements my photography as needed, for Nourish Network posts.) It’s great to be contributing and learning and to be among professionals who value both. At Lia’s and Matt’s urging, I did pick up a gray scale card to make white balance and color correction easier. (At least I think that’s what it does.)

I offered Cindy a few tips like URLs for sites like Diane & Todd’s White on Rice Couple and Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen too, both sites generously share knowledge. Jaden even offered more tips in class. Hope I saved those notes here somewhere.

At the photo store near the hotel, I picked up a card reader (having left my USB cable at home) and the gray card. I mentioned to the guy there that I was loving my Nikon D40 but still had SO much to learn. He sold me a DVD tutorial for less than $20 - if you’re guessing that I’m hoping it will relieve me from the dreaded RTM exercise, you’re correct.

Listen, the reason I put “photographer” on my business card and my website even though I’m barely one, is to keep myself honest and on track toward becoming one. It’s aspirational.

Lunch with one Kim, chocolate with another.

One of the great city hosts, Ken Rubin, was near by so asked for a good spot that Kim O’Donnel and I could escape to, not too far, not likely to be overrun. We needed a little catch up time. He recommended [ hotel ]

Then I met Kim Carlson, Editor of Culinate, for one perfect shot of hot chocolate at Cacao in the Heathman Hotel. So nice to finally meet in person, someone who’s face and words appear in the Inbox regularly. I love Culinate and one of the nice things about it is that their authors actually answer questions and respond to comments. They engage their readers. I wish more sites would do so, but then I’d never have time for anything else. I got to meet Hank Sawtelle of Culinate, too.