I don't cook but I want to join TM2F...

Teach a Man to Fish (TM2F) is on - 4th Annual, baby!

You want to bring something to the virtual potluck and contribute to the groovy sustainable seafood teach-in, but maybe you don't cook. If you're like my friend Rich, the Passionate Foodie, you may be wondering how you might participate.

Heck, I can't even turn out dishes like Executive Chef Joseph Margate's Kingfish Sashimi:

But, you know what? There are very straightforward dishes, too. Dishes that even newbie home cooks can do. Check the prior years' round ups (see sidebar for inspiration)

Perhaps you are even intimidated to try this simple, delicious "Hempalicious Halibut with Pomegranate" from the Haphazard Gourmet Girls (ObamaFoodorama's Eddie Gehman)


Fear not - you, too, can join the party!

Pull up a glass of wine and let me tell you how...


If you're like Rich, you eat out a good deal. Sometimes, you even eat at places that are not named "Troquet."

(Hey, I'm not knocking it, I love Troquet. See: Troquet Restaurant Boston Perfects Pairings)


Say you want to help raise awareness for sustainable seafood, and I know you do, but you don't cook.

Here are some things you can do to participate in Teach a Man to Fish, even if you only venture into the kitchen for ice to refresh your cocktail:


  1. Follow Rich's lead and write to your favorite cooking show. Ask them to make a commitment to using only sustainable seafood. Rich created a stir when he called out Iron Chef and Alton Brown for using bluefin tuna. They no longer do. The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers some tools and guidance here: What You Can Do.
  2. Drop me an entry that includes your favorite dish or dishes featuring sustainable seafood that you've had in restaurants. Tell us about the dish and why it's sustainable.
  3. Send me an entry that includes a dish you love that uses a fish that is NOT sustainable but tell us what a good substitute might be, then send the email to the chef suggesting a sustainable substitution.



Remember this is a fun way to learn together, to learn and to teach by sharing what we're learning. Bottom line is that it must also taste good. This restaurant scan gives non-cooks a way to spread the word that people do want sustainable seafood choices!

Now make that ressie and let us know what you're eating! I'm going to see if Open Table has a list of restaurants which feature sustainable seafood- update soon.


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