How to Open a Pomegranate

One of Fall's great treasures is the arrival of pomegranates. Everyone sees the bowl of pomegranates on my table and swoons. Then they say "but I never get them because I can't open them without staining my fingers/clothes/my whole kitchen!" So here's a step-by-step guide.

As Ennyn says: "Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy."

Step One:

Fill a large bowl with water.


Step Two:

Cross-cut the blossom end, you can do this under water to ensure no juice stains anything.


Step Three:

Pull the pomegranate apart gently - under the water! (I had to pull this out of the water to photograph it.)


Step Four:

Gently pull apart the quarters of the pomegranate - also under water.

Step Five:

Gently push the seeds (arils) off the membranes, they'll drop to the bottom of the bowl. The membranes and skin will float.

Step Six:

In no time, you'll have a bowl of the garnet treats at the bottom of the bowl. You can scoop out the membranes and seeds and drain the water...

Step Seven:

A beautiful dish of goodness. Add to salads, sauces, pilafs, or eat them as is. I love them with persimmon and they're fantastic with cranberry sauce.


With a whole bunch from family out West, I'm thinking it's time to try my hand at Pomegranate Syrup.