Hot Tomatoes serves up lunch you can dig - even while the digging continues

While the lunchtime options in the Financial District and Leather District neighborhoods have a fair share of sandwich shops, this newcomer is a standout. 

Ignore the construction pit that looks like a mini-Big Dig in front, you can still get in and business is up and running. (The construction is not affecting HT's water, gas or plumbing.)  Don't let it scare you off. Mostly the opening week's long lines have calmed down, too. Lunch business is brisk and with good reason.

What do we crave now? A good value. Hot Tomatoes delivers. And, they actually deliver too, but first, let's talk about really fresh, upscale sandwiches and pizza.

Sandwiches at Hot Tomatoes run the gamut from a house style Sloppy Joe (The HT Sloppy Joey) with Carmen's Bolognese to a classic Reuben. Many of the choices show evidence of HT's lineage - they belong to the same family as Carmen's in the North End. 


If you want a giant sandwich at a giant price don't go to HT. If you want an anemic sandwich at a low price, don't go to HT. This is not a place that will try to sell you on the "Value" of a large sub with "house baked" (i.e. not fresh) bread.

Instead you get fresh sandwiches that show uncommon culinary skills for your typical sandwich shop.