Holiday Cheer - the kind we eat

These are Linsey's GF Double-Chocolate Salty Oats cookies, Denise's Pecan Rum Balls (which are very much like what Mom used tomake called "Mexican Wedding Cookies" - basically a buttery, nutty shortbread) and in the red foil are my last batch of truffles (Irish Cream).


Today, I decided that posting and packing could wait, or be done around, baking my first biscotti ever. Found this recipe via Twitter friend and will definitely be making again and again.

I used the basic recipe from Worth the Whisk for Chocolate Almond Biscotti. This was the first time I made these and had some toasted slivered almonds, some pistachios and some dried bing cherries leftover from other recipes. Whipped these up in no time.


Dipped/painted half in chocolate for my sweet-toothed husband.


All cookies disappearing fast. Thanks to friends old and new (and new that feel like old).