Happy World Sake Day - Read and Sip to your Heart's Content

To celebrate World Saké Day, I was going to drink a lovely bottle I have been gifted. But, headaches, deadlines and an impending flight make that unwise tonight. Better to enjoy it upon my rested and relaxed return. You win. To mark this day, I'm instead offering a raffle here of a most enjoyable set of short stories.

The Fox and the Katana - third in the Tipsy Sensei series by Rich Auffrey is just out and I have a copy courtesy of the author. I enjoy the suspenseful stories, and learn about Japanese mythology and saké while reading them.

From Amazon:

Nate, the Sake expert who has learned of the existence of mystical creatures from Japanese legend, has returned. This time, he has been approached by an alleged kitsune, a fox spirit, who wants Nate to murder her mate. She alleges that her mate is a remorseless and sadistic killer who has slain innocents across the U.S. He is now in Boston and she wants Nate to stop him. 

Can Nate kill this kitsune? Should be do so? Is there another way to neutralize the murderous kitsune which does not entail killing him? Or is Nate being set up, a pawn in some intricate scheme? Who can he trust? 

The events in this story will have significant consequences for Nate. And it lays the framework for the next installment in the Tipsy Sensei urban fantasy series, a novel called Demons, Gods & Sake.


I'm fortunate to get his insights and tutelage at sake tastings we're invited to. Slowly, I'm developing some knowledge. I invite you to check out Joto Sake and their superb offerings.  I got to taste several of their line at this wonderful tasting at Fugakyu.


Joto sake tasting

Nothing better with a nice bottle of saké than a good story and some oysters.

The Giveaway

I'm completing the set - so you can win a full set of the Tipsy Sensei series - simply by entering a comment here telling me:

  • what you would most like to learn about saké? OR
  • what's your favorite sakéto drink?


That's it. Enter a comment below and I'll use the good ol' random number generator to pick a winner. Entries must be received by midnight Wednesday Oct. 3 to be eligible.

I've read the first two stories and thoroughly enjoyed them. I'm reading the Fox and the Katana tomorrow on the flight.


Happy Sipping! Happy Reading!