Gyrotonics, Yoga-lates, and me

Taking a break from the sad news is a necessary thing once in awhile. It's good to remind ourselves that all of life is not so bleak. After all, we have friends doing exciting projects, gifts of seeds from gardening and cooking friends. We have parties and celebrations, right in our own back yard. Even if our backyard is a fire escape.

I recently found some lovely urban gardening friends including the vivacious "@kittenwithawhip" (that's a whisk if you must know) who offered seeds for her fellow gardening friends online in the Twitterverse. Guess what showed up in my mail today?

12 Seed Packets!

How wonderful. For one who loves to putter in a garden, even a fire escape container garden, the promise of things to grow is so exciting. What a gift! Thank you Kat!

Now about those G and Tonics...

You'd think I learned my lesson from the Yoga-lates class. In the chic gym at our wonderful honeymoon hotel they offered a class called "Yoga-lates". Well they had fresh fruit and infused waters at this gym so I might be excused for thinking this new style of yoga came with lattes. As in "2% vente, please."

Making matters worse than lack of caffeine can make them, I was in this class with a mother-daughter combo who must've gotten a two-for-one-deal at the boob doc. There I am on my yoga mat doing mat Pilates (I still think this was false advertising) and the girls next door are standing at attention like something from NASA. I felt like Skipper next to Barbie and Barbie Sr. I'm sorry, but if I'm younger than both of you by 10+ years and mine ain't doin that...well, I'm just sayin''s not right.

So tonight I thought I'd take a break from a busy day to to go see my friend JP Faiella and his crew for Gyro and Tonics. Do you think there was a sammie in sight?

Okay, my bad. I suppose my first clue was that it was at a spa and it's called the Movement Center of Boston. And yes, there was wine, and food from the fab Burton's Grill. I did see some good looking pizza before the Newbury Street Moochers got there...If you haven't been to Burton's Grill yet you must go. Try their signature Manhattan, their filet sandwich and their scallops and...wait, where was I? Oh yes. Gyrotonics. Not the Greek sandwich or something to go with your Bombay Sapphire.

All kidding aside, this Gyrotonics thing is amazing.

What is Gyrotonics?

Gyrotonics is a "sophisticated exercise sytem that uses principles of yoga, swimming, gymnastics, tai chi and dance to build strength and flexibility." The equipment is designed to isolate different parts of your body and guide you through fluid movements while alleviating compression or impact on your joints.

After a glass of wine I'm usually game for another or something fun. When the incredibly fit and lithe instructor, Kathryn Van Patten (Master Trainer and studio owner) asked if I wanted to try the machine - off came the boots! Down went the wine. Onto the machine. 

I think the thing that impressed me the most was Kathryn herself. So fluid in her movements, she was actually mesmerizing to watch even as she moved and pushed equipment around. I noticed four of us were sort of standing, staring. Muttering things like "so graceful" "so fluid" "so toned." 

Yes, she's all that. And like any good trainer, she knows how to find the one thing you're doing right and reward you for it. Me, it was the spine curl. Who knew? But you really can see how the core strength would be built through these guided movements. And I'd do almost anything if you promised me I'd be as fit and graceful as Kathryn afterwards.

Beginning class is only $20, and if you consider the classes are so small it's like private training, it's a bargain. Add the unique equipment, the results, it becomes clear it's well worth it for anyone looking to increase strength, tone and and flexibility while eliminating impact or compression. And who needs that guy's sweaty bum in your face in that crowded yoga class?

See The Movement Center of Boston. And check out this cool little clip of Kathryn chatting about the technique.

So JP, Anny - thanks for the intro and for showing me around the studio. What a fun window into a different world. Maybe I'll actually get back into a gym.