Goin' to a Gnudi Show - S/O/L/E Food Tuesday

Nothing like a little change to spice things up.

Too much, we resist. Just a little, we're intrigued.

This happens in love and in the kitchen - overlapping of circles in the great food/love Venn diagram, we can see gnudi right in the middle of Love and Kitchen.

We very often find a new love that captures our imagination and inhabits our dreams and our dinner tables. Like any fresh crush of love - a new dish can make us come back too eagerly, perhaps too frequently. So it is with gnudi. But gnudi-love is innocent love. And any damage can be made better with a little sauce and a glass of wine, yes?

Gnudi - what the heck are they anyway? 

Gnudi ("nude-y") are like the yummy insides of ravioli minus the pasta. Or, maybe think of them like gnocchi ("nyocki") the main difference being the amount of flour and kneading. While gnocchi have flour and a bit of rolling and pinching, gnudi achieve their pillowy quality minus the mound of flour. This is certainly good news to anyone with gluten allergies or for those who just want to explore another pasta-type of option.

So here's the wonderful thing about food writers and bloggers - they love to share. I may be a gnudi - novice, I may be miles from home in Denver, but I can still bring you a beautiful, meat-free recipe courtesy of Ms. CakeandCommerce. Linsey often writes for the gluten-free audience. She has graciously re-vamped a recipe to add gluten - talk about a friend! 

See her gorgeous site and recipes. Photography's nice, too! Here's the recipe:

Gluten-free (or not) Gnudi

Now go have your own "gnudi show." Enjoy!

Thanks Linsey!