Goaterie Gone Viral - Tweet Chat on all things Goat

Meat, milk, cheese - funky, fun, delicious, suspicious. All things goat were discussed. Questions asked, resources and recipes shared.

This goat-loving trip or tribe started on Twitter with a couple of fun, overlapping chat threads and when we found each other it was goaty-kismet.


Now, there's a recipe roundup happening, and spontaneous small convos on Twitter, and tonight, our first organized chat.

➜ For those still doubting the power of Social Media, guess how many people we reached tonight in this chat?
If you count the Twitter followers of each of the 40+ participants, the #goaterie hashtag and our expertise was in front of over 63,000 Twitter followers for a full hour tonight.


So, many thanks to Barbara (@CreativCulinary) and Rachael (@LaFujiMama) who pulled a panel together to field questions and chime in on all things goat. Barbara and Rachael have things I covet dearly: technical skills and a management team, respectively. We're lucky to have caught their attention!

Tonight's panel: Included me, and the dynamic duo, Mark Scarbrough and Bruce Weinstein, as well as @Fromagette (a cheesemonger in the Northwest) and @CreativeCowgirl (a real-life homesteader!)

For my part, I shared these resources:

Places to find goat meat:

  • local Halal markets
  • Local Harvest - with site search by zip code

I also shared these additional goat-related resources:



My BBQ Bonanza '11 Kickoff also began with a goat recipe from the authors Mark and Bruce who literally, wrote the book. It includes their recipe for Goat Skewers with Vinegary Herb Sauce - that's the recipe that got Bon Appetit's tongues a-waggin. Since I do have the dreaded dairy allergy there will be no milk or cheese recipes from me during the Goaterie challenge. However, I will be making a goat meat dish before this goaterie prize period is over. So stay tuned and try some sustainable, delicious goat!

Even if goat's not your thing, fire up your grill and drop a comment on a BBQ Bonanza post. We've got prizes there, too.