Go Here, Eat This - Suishaya

It's easy to fall into an ordering rut. You go to a favorite place - you order your favorite dishes.

Gook su bok kum at Suishaya in Chinatown is a perfect example of why we should venture beyond "the usual." Stir fried noodles with spicy pork served on a sizzling platter for $12.95 easily enough for 2-3 people to share depending on what other dishes you order.

Warming, spicy and a welcome departure from the usual bulgogi or kalbi.

An order of Mandu (Korean potstickers or gyoza) and you have a dinner for two. Panchan - the little pickled side dishes are cheerfully refilled. 


  • 2 Tyler St (Corner of Tyler and Beach)
  • Mon - Sun 11AM - 2 AM.
  • (617) 423-3848