Go Here, Eat This: Mare Oyster Bar

"Go Here, Eat This" is my series of mini-restaurant reviews. Instead of a full blown standard review, I give a simple recommendation of dishes to try at various spots I've enjoyed.  To find other recommendations, search on "Go Here, Eat This". Mangia Bene! Boston's North End, our "little Italy" section of the city, is chock-full of great discoveries. Like its European counterparts, this is a village you can wander aimlessly in, and one that provides an array of wonderful discoveries. Even frequent visitors and locals get pleasant surprises now and then. Such was the case a month or so ago when we wandered out on a warm late-Autumn afternoon and discovered the newly renovated Mare now includes...a raw bar!

Mare collage

We sat looking at a beautiful handwritten menu behind the bar, with a dining room behind us that looked for all the world like some spot in South Beach. Sun flooded the room, some less-than-gracious tourists shouted at servers, and a gentle breeze moved through huge open windows.

Mare Dining Room

Naturally, my attention was focused on this spread of oysters. As the founder of the Oyster Century Club© it is my duty to scout out the best oyster selections, the cleanest shuckers, the deals. It's work I take seriously.

Excellent Oyster Selection

Mare might have the best shucker in town. I had a dozen oysters, each pristinely shucked, not a bit of shell and no oysters nicked. This selection blew me away. I had six varieties in my dozen, several that were new to me:

  • Stony Island, Orleans, MA
  • Little Pleasant Bay, South Orleans, MA
  • Black Fish Creek, Wellfleet, MA
  • Sunken Meadows, Eastham, MA
  • Rock Creek, Orleans, MA
  • Belons, Darmariscotta, ME


Doc ordered two items: both delicious and well-prepared. Shrimp pizetta and pulpo (octopus). I have known Mare as a restaurant promoting sustainable seafood. In fact, my introduction to them was at a sustainable seafood dinner. Disclaimer: these two items (shrimp and octopus) are two that are difficult to source sustainably; so I'm not sure if their appearance on the menu signals a departure or if there is info that just wasn't available to us about the sourcing. If I get

pizza shrimp




Mare Oyster Bar

Open for Dinner Sunday - Friday 4 - 11 PM and Saturday 2 - 11 PM

135 Richmond St., Boston 617.723.6273


To learn more about sourcing sustainable seafood:


The oyster bar at Mare is fantastic and oysters are a sustainable seafood you can enjoy without worry.

Mare Oysters

Mare Oysters - before

oysters done

Mare Oysters - after