Global Street Food Unveiled at All-Star Sandwich Bar - Bahn Mi? You Bet!

Well, Chef Diamontopoulos is going to have his work cut out for him. He launches a Global Street Food sandwich special on the 7th of September with - trumpets please - Banh Mi!!

I hear it will feature either house made or Iggy's baguette, as well as house-cured pork belly and local veg. On the basis of lunch I had shortly after their assumption of the sandwich reins in the Inman Square shop, I will even venture out of Chinatown to try this Cambridge version made by Greek hands in Inman Square...That is the nature of the global village isn't it?

How about lunch? Anyone?


Until then feast your eyes and get yourself to C'town for one of these beauties.


New Saigon

Mei Sum (cold cut)

Still my favorite: