Giving Thanks for Many Meals, Skirting Hunger

This time of year is hectic for many of us. We invite friends and family to our tables, we dine with them at theirs. Many of us have calendars dotted with benefits, galas, black tie fundraisers. I go from wondering how I'll fit it all in, to wondering how I'll fit in my skirt purchased for this holiday season. Even if this new size seems a challenge, there is so much to celebrate and so much to be thankful for.

While we all have challenges, and this year has been no exception, I find focusing outward can feel especially good when we have constant reminders of our own abundance. I myself am later than I'd like to be telling you all about several events, wine dinners, that I've attended. I know many food writers, bloggers, wine writers out there in the same boat. Sometimes it's not a question of whether to go, it's a question of which to go to on the same night.

I'm grateful for the love and support of my readers, my friends, my family. Even though times are tough for me financially, there is something I can do. I can lend a hand to those without the winemaker dinner invitation, without the gala events, or food products to review. For those who worry not about fitting into that skirt but having a coat to wear this winter, or a roof over their head, food for their kids.

I woke this morning with this thought. It's been percolating from my observation of these dual phenomenon of "too much" on my plate (literally and figuratively) and the hunger so many of our neighbors experience. What if, for every free meal or event I attend that feeds me, I give a dollar to feed others? What if I got other food blogger friends to do the same?

A Challenge, A Birthday Gift, a Buck

Between now and December 30, won't you commit a dollar to my "Skirting Hunger" fund each time you are invited to dine at someone else's table? Ricesticks and Tea Asian Food Pantry serves low-income Asian family with foods that are familiar to them. Here is more information. This program is run completely by volunteer employees of Tufts Medical Center. As many of you know, we had a family medical emergency this year and the staff at Tufts took good care of us. We live on the edge of Chinatown and feel a part of the community.

My birthday is December 30th. I'd like to collect the contributions and donate to Ricesticks and Tea on my birthday - it would be so meaningful to me. Imagine the next time you're dining at the invitation of another, all the families that might be served only through a food pantry donation.

Here's how to help:

  • Each time you're invited to someone else's table between now and December 30th, contribute just $1.00 (more if you like)
  • When you review a restaurant for UrbanSpoon or Yelp, kick in a buck.*
  • When someone gives you a gift of wine, click and give.
  • Tweet this out, Facebook the challenge, link to this post when you review a restaurant or share a special meal.*

Kick in just $1.00 and let's see what we can accumulate by December 30th! Thanks for making my birthday really matter this year!

* Veeraswamy: London's Oldest Indian Restaurant - donated $1 to Ricesticks and Tea.