Friends of Fish - West Coast Style


Three little nibbles. Call 'em fishsticks, if you will...just don't use pollock.

Seattle Tall Poppy - One Hot Ticket

Traca Savadogo, the wondrous dynamo that is Seattle Tall Poppy, has pulled together an amazing evening of FoF's- Friends of Fish. The hottest ticket in town will be this gathering, especially among foodies and conservation-minded folk. They'll nibble and sip and watch a one night, private screening of End of the Line the movie some are calling "An Inconvenient Truth" about Fishing.

She's also assembled an amazing group of experts including: Casson Trenor, Jon Rowley, Becky Selengut and Shauna MacKinnon. Please see Traca's blog for more info. Click here.


Kahuna of the Kitchen

In Hawai'i the term Kahuna means sort of a wizard or magician, maybe shaman is the best equivalent. I love the use of it in Jay's blog. He does conjure some creative and moving words, I'll bet his food is good, too!

I wanted to share a very thoughtful post by a new friend Chef Jay Terauchi of Los Angeles. Jay is a sushi chef and a reflective writer, I think I was introduced to him via Twitter. But I have so enjoyed reading his blog and wanted to share it with you. This post, in particular, on Sustainable Seafood avoids the polarizing vitriol that characterizes too much of the so-called dialogue. Still, he calls on Nobu to rise to the challenge of eliminating Bluefin Tuna from his menu, using his notable authority to good ends. I look forward to returning to Jay's blog again and again.


What's wrong with Shrimp?

People always want to know what's wrong with eating shrimp. My answer is nothing, as long as you're careful about which shrimp you're buying. Thanks to Ros Cummins one of my "fish girls" for her heads up scan of the waveline and this link. Many of your will know Daily Kos as a news source, I had no idea he/it covered sustainable food issues, too. Here's the Daily Kos on Shrimp.