Friend in need alert - Abruzzo

Many of you are no doubt shocked and concerned about the earthquake in Abruzzo and perhaps you're wondering how to help.

I contacted my friend Philip at Delicious Italy and asked his advice - he let me know on their main Abruzzo page here there is a link to a solid charitable organization there. Please click on the link to find information about the rich culinary history of Abruzzo and to learn how you can help. 

I first became aware of the region through Abruzzese salumi at the Italian salumeria in my little college town. This was decades before salumi became chic. The folks at this shop also introduced me to the fresh house-made mozzarella and many more treats. The salumi especially became must have treats for trips home. The cold winters in that region apparently make for perfect salumi.

Do stop by the site and see what you might learn and how you can help. 

 Mille grazie!