Friday Night Football, Dinner and Bison Grass Vodka Martini

 Is this not a thing of beauty?

 It's a Friday night. We have Brady and Moss on pre-season football (27-24 pyrrhic victory for Pats - Brady injured his throwing shoulder taking a shot from Big Albert Haynesworth.)

The Buffalo Chicken Sausages from DiLuigi's were fantastic. Made a Caesar Salad with cheesy garlicky croutons from my last sourdough attempt (Lalvain starter, enh) and a great martini with my new Bison Grass Vodka, courtesy of our friends Damian and Natalia. 



 Drinks and Dinner

 The Zubrowka Bison Grass vodka has a blade of bison grass in the bottle. This grass is said to impart "grand power, increase stature and youthfulness." Polish elite would celebrate successful hunts with this Bison Grass Vodka. 

Before mixing a cocktail with it, we did chilled shot to taste it. Floral nose, clean taste and smooth finish. Yes, this would be fine in a nice end of the week martini.

Dolin vermouth, pickled green tomatoes... wonderful. 

and Dessert

A bumper crop of wonderful Askinosie chocolate was crying to be transformed into brownies. So, I pulled out Mushet's Art & Soul of baking for the delicious and reliable Fudgy Brownie recipe.

To it, I add a pinch of cayenne and then swirled dulce de leche into the top before baking. It made a sticky, slightly crunchy top layer.

Riding Danny out, listening to the rain hit the windows. Maybe Tom Brady should have some Bison Grass Vodka.