For the love of Pork

Just when you think bacon might be over, someone goes and makes bacon-infused gin. Talk about breakfast of champions. Read about LA Mixologist Eric Alperin's "Pickled Pig." He claims another concoction will be his entry in the Marvelous Hendrick's Limerick & Cocktail Competition.

Did anyone else notice that bacon explosion story ran the same day as the news of Bocuse d'Or? That pretty much says it all.

Here's some news you can use: 

  • Cochon - It's not just a restaurant in New Orleans. (a fine one at that!) It's also a fine heritage pig celebration. Check the "Featured" box (above right) for updates on Cochon555 the traveling event, coming to Boston April 5. Between now and then I'll be profiling the chefs who will be participating right here. I'll be among the judges for the event (woot!) I'll post updates there on the event and the articles as I post them.
  • Character Approved - Anyone who knows me has probably heard my rant about the homogenization of the world and my love for characters. It happens that the USA Network, whose motto is "Characters Welcome" is honoring a group of "Characters" from various fields with a brand new award. The initial field of honorees, the Character Approved innovators, includes David Chang the provocative chef behind Momofuku Noodle Bar (see my review below), Momofuku Ssäm Bar and Momofuku Ko. Stay tuned for my interview with a Michelin starred chef who says "I'm just a dude."
  • Bond, Jason Bond - A recent dinner at Beacon Hill Bistro was a delightful experience. Jason Bond, Executive Chef will be one of the Cochon competitors and if the Braised Yorkshire Pork Shoulder I enjoyed is an indication of what he can do with pork, our other chefs better be ready to bring their "A" game! More on this dinner soon. Bacon Flowchart, need I say more?

See all the love brought to you by the humble pig? Gotta love it.

While I get all the facts checked and profiles scheduled, here are some other pork-centric posts to keep you going...

That's me and some American Guinea Hogs at SullBar farms in NH. Piglets!