Food Wrapped in Food

I love food wrapped in food. I'm not talking about pizza crust stuffed with cheese or a taco wrapped inside a burrito or whatever the heck that Taco Bell monstrosity.

My food-wrapped-in-food favorites include Lo Mai Gai - a dim sum specialty and o-musubi, a Japanese rice ball.

Chinese Style

This is Lo Mai Gai - it's like a little packet of love. Sticky rice in steamed in lotus leaf.

Unwrapping the lotus leaf (which you discard) you will find a bundle of glutinous rice, tinted and faintly smoky tasting.


Hidden treasures inside include: ground pork, Chinese sausage (lap cheung), mushroom (dongu), chicken (gai).


Japanese Style


Omusubi or Onigiri are typical Japanse treats and food wrapped in food. These are the store-bought varieties that cleverly encase the crispy nori in a plastic wrapper, almost origami style.

When you unwrap according to the first step of the instructions, you find the beautiful rice triangle, sitting on top of the envelope containing the nori.

You peel back the cellophane and enfold the omusubi in it.

There is your crispy nori wrapped around your rice ball with (in this case,) umeboshi.

One bite into the crisp nori spoils you for any soggy supermarket sushi rolls! When you make these at home you form a rice ball around an ingredient of your choosing, maybe umeboshi or little bits of leftover foods from dinner. The onigiri or omusubi are eaten much the way we eat a sandwich. It's a portable meal in a beautiful little package.