Fireworks and Love

Last night was a reminder why fireworks are often associated with love. As Doc and I watched the magnificent 4th of July fireworks show on the Esplanade with what seemed like a million mostly well-behaved fans, I reveled in that "boom!" echoing in my chest. I also kvelled over the four of us together, in the heat, in the crowd, and watching my father-in-law sing loudly and beautifully in the patriotic sing-along. Not so long ago we were afraid his diagnosis of cancer would not only take his voice but worse.

Today, he is joyful in most everything he does. It's beautiful to see and lovely to be around.



To see how happy my mother-in-law and father-in-law were to be there with us, and to see my husband (who dislikes crowds, heat -- both there in spades) gladly giving up sleep and comfort to enjoy it with us, to share the experience with him for the first time, was just as beautiful as the booming fireworks above us.

Happy Independence - from cancer - Day, Dad! Healthy, happy Summer to all!